Discovery of the Mood Board

One place I regularly visit to watch learning videos is It is this great resource that I recommend anyone who wants to learn about web design, programming, art, eBay, etc use. It provides a wide range of information. Its $25ish a month, but totally worth it to have all the information you could ever image at your fingertips. 😮 I actually used a Lynda video to help me create this website. When I was going through the video I came across a new concept (to me) called a “mood board.”

Adding Google Adsense to your website

I have recently added Google Adsense to my website and for those of you who have been considering adding it, didn’t’ know about it, or weren’t sure how to add it I am going to share with you the steps I took. It wasn’t too long of a process, and depending on how many ads you want to put on your website, it looks clean on my website and I only had to adjust a little bit of CSS on the pages. Here is my walk through:

– You need a Google e-mail account in order to sign up for Google Adsense.

WordPress plugin for portfolio items

When I was building my new portfolio website using WordPress the biggest struggle for me was making my portfolio items look good in a page. I installed a columns plugin, but even with that I couldn’t get the spacing between the software description and the next items’ title right. I am still on a quest for the best solution. For now it will have to do, but I am planning to change it once I find something better. I will let you know as soon as I find something. If anyone has any suggestions or has come across the problem before, any advice would be appreciated. :-)