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Adding Google Adsense to your website

I have recently added Google Adsense to my website and for those of you who have been considering adding it, didn’t’ know about it, or weren’t sure how to add it I am going to share with you the steps I took. It wasn’t too long of a process, and depending on how many...

WordPress plugin for portfolio items

When I was building my new portfolio website using WordPress the biggest struggle for me was making my portfolio items look good in a page. I installed a columns plugin, but even with that I couldn’t get the spacing between the software description and the next...

Moving website to wordpress

I have noticed when I decide to completely re-do my website I run into many challenges that take much longer than necessary. I will be posting my struggles and solutions soon for creating a wordpress website using a blank theme.

Updated Personal Site

Hello! Welcome to my new site. I have created a new website using WordPress. I will be posting some tutorials for you soon with a step by step guide for how I created my new site. Stay tuned! Megan